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Its main products are industrial and scientific instrument calibration, training courses and preventive maintenance. These are directed to business, industry and laboratories.

CICY’s Metrology Laboratoriy is certified by the Mexican Accreditation Entity (EMA) for measurements of mass, volume, temperature, flow, optics and pressure. As EMA is part of the International Accreditation Cooperation (ILAC), CICY’s Metrology Laboratory results have international validity.

Among measurement services offered, special mention can be given to:

  • Mass.- Fom 100mg up to 1000 kg.
  • Volume.- In graduated flasks and storage tanks from 1 up to 30,000 liters
  • Temperature.- from -30°C up to 800°C.
  • Flow.-From 5 to 3000 liters/min.
  • Optics. Spectrophotometry, absorbance and transmittance.
  • Pressure.- Manometer calibration from 21 up to 68,948 kPa

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