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Botanical Garden

A Botanical Garden is a place that permanently exhibits collections of living plants organized following scientific criteria. The plants should be duly documented and tagged. A BG supports basic and applied scientific activities, natural resources conservation, environmental education, science diffusion and recreational activities. Since ancient times botanical gardens have assumed diverse functions, depending on various needs and interests of people, their cultural patterns and their floristic resources. First reserved to rulers, kings and emperors; then, during the Middle Ages, devoted to the teaching and practice of Medicine; afterwards seeking economic power through immense plantations of introduced varieties by colonialist nations in their conquered countries; finally devoted today to the introduction of new horticultural and agricultural species and varieties and to scientific research. Nowadays there exist around 2000 botanical gardens throughout the world that continue playing an important role in vegetal resources scientific research. In their respective countries BGs support horticulture, agronomy and the economy. Presently the botanical gardens are active in the pressing need to conserve biodiversity and ecologic processes, both locally and globally.


“Roger Orellana” Regional Botanical Garden was founded in 1983. Regional means in this case that its collections refer mainly to Yucatan’s Peninsula flora. The mayan name means “The place where seeds sprout”, alluding its function in growing ex-situ wild species from seeds. Its collections have allowed the conservation of regional vegetal resources, both carrying or supporting research, making public the value and importance of the species and supporting specific conservation activities.It was declared “Living Plants Museum” by the environmental Mexican authorities form the Agriculture Ministry. It is recognized as “Unit for handling an Conserving wildlife ” (SEMARNAT-UMA-JB-0039-YUC-02). It is part of the Mexican Asociation of Botanical Gardens (AMJB), the Latin-American and Caribbean association of Botanical Gardens (ALCJB) and the International Organization for Conservation in Botanical Gardens (BGCI),After 26 years of action, its collections, research, conservation and educational activities make it an important cultural and biological patrimony of the region.

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