Graduate Programs


CICY Graduate Programs

CICY offers Masters and Ph.D. degrees as follows:

  • Masters and Ph.D. in Biological Sciences
  • Masters and Ph.D. in Material Sciences
  • Masters and Ph. D. in Renewable Energy
  • Master of Science degree in Water Sciences

Masters and Ph.D. in Biological Science

This program has an emphasis in Plant Biology and offers both Masters and Ph.D. programs with three distinct options:

1. Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Students registered in the Biochemistry and Molecular Biology option participate in the Unit´s research projects in the areas of Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, Plant Pysiology, Genomics, Proteomics and Plant Biotechnology.

2. Biotechnology

Students registered in the Biotechnology option participate in the Unit´s research projects solving problems related to regional crops such as Henequen, Banana, Coconut and Papaya. Studies are being performed into hyperacumulative species for heavy metals, with potential application as bioremedy; Native species which produce bioactive metabolites, with potential application in the pharmaceutical and agricultural industry; and green microalgaes as bioreactors for recombinat proteins with commercial interest.

3. Natural Resources

Students registered in the Natural Resources participate in the Unit´s research projects which include the conservation, use and sustainable management of natural resources, with emphasis on plant resources in Mesoamerica, through the development of scientific research, specialized collections, models and appropriate technologies.

Specific areas of interest include:

  • Biodiversity, etnobotany and evolution of phytogenetic resources
  • Ecology and management of tropical plant resources.
  • Systematics and floristics

Masters and Ph.D. in Material Sciences

Students registered in this program participate in the Unit´s research projects which are available in four different lines:

  • Composite polymeric materials
  • Materials for special applications
  • Polymer processing
  • Materials for Energy Systems

 Masters and Ph. D. in Renewable Energy

This multidisciplinary program includes participants from all research units. Research projects are available in three different lines of research:

  • Biofuels: biodiesel, bioethanol, methane and biohydrogen from non-food crops and organic waste. Includes studies into the availabilitiy of natural resources, ecological impact, use of biotechnology for pretreatments, optimization of production processes; applications.
  • Hydrogen technology: development of materials and systems for fuel cell technology. PEM fuel cells, direct ethanol fuel cells. Stack development. Hybrid systems.
  • Energy systems: solar and wind energy (in cooperation with other institutes), system implementation

Master of Science degree in Water Sciences

The Master of Science degree in Water Sciences is a two-year, four-semester program designed for students who wish to achieve mastery and leadership skills in the field of water research.

Graduates are prepared in two areas Hydrogeology and Aquatic Ecosystems and Water Quality. The program will provide you with the critical evaluation skills and research awareness necessary for entry to an academy career.

1. Hydrogeology

Groundwater dynamics, exploration, drilling and aquifer tests, sustainable allocation of groundwater, and contamination.

2. Aquatic Ecosystems and Water Quality

Ecology of marine, estuarine and freshwater systems, and population /community dynamics of these systems. This area focuses in the varied life histories of aquatic organisms, and focuses on aspects of impacts affecting water quality of water dependant ecosystems.

Faculty is committed to 

  • Rigorous training in a chosen environmental science specialization
  • Exposure to the broader interdisciplinary context necessary for developing solutions to complex water problems 

Program components:

  • Core Competencies of Aquatic Ecology, Aquatic Chemistry, Applied Mathematical Methods and Sustainable Development.
  • Speciality courses selected from the area of your interest.
  • Research/thesis degree

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